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  • What Does an Executive MBA Deliver?

    What Does an Executive MBA Deliver?

    The Executive MBA teaches applicable skills that can be put into action immediately.

    Delivering a groundbreaking online curriculum based on the leadership principles and singular experiences of acclaimed business leader Jack Welch, the Executive MBA teaches applicable skills that can be put into action in companies and careers immediately.

    The program delivers all the fundamentals of classic MBA coursework, from finance to strategy. Yet all of the Executive MBA courses are also infused with Jack Welch's presence, his insight into the current business landscape, and his passionate emphasis on people management and leadership.

    Going beyond theory with a truly distinctive, richly interactive curriculum, students of the Executive MBA degree gain relevant competencies in how to recruit, hire, and motivate the best people, lead effectively and authentically, build and energize teams, create winning competitive strategies, and drive success within their organizations. Executive MBA graduates are well prepared to compete in the most demanding global business environments.

  • How is Jack Welch involved??

    How is Jack Welch involved?

    One of the most exciting things about the Jack Welch Executive MBA program is that students stay constantly on pulse with everything that's happening in the world of business. They engage with of-the-moment business news and analyze the ever-shifting forces that shape our economy, and, most of all, they get to apply the lessons from their courses to the real world immediately.

    In a nutshell, that's why the Jack Welch MBA is truly different from other MBAs. It's about ideas and practices that matter today. It's about understanding the concepts that will help you transform your organization and career in real time.

    Yes, the Jack Welch MBA does have similarities with other "traditional" MBAs. You'll receive a strong foundation in all of the disciplines of business, from leadership to marketing to finance. You'll learn about the established theories of management, how to conduct a performance review, what it takes to start your own enterprise, how to calculate a discounted cash flow, and all the like.

    But the Jack Welch MBA has one quality that no other school can offer: Jack Welch himself. Each class is infused with Jack's proven principles and methodology for winning. You'll hear from Jack on video about the issues you are studying in class, current events in the business world, or how to manage your life and career in these uncertain times - or all of the above.

    Jack Welch built his reputation on delivering results, energizing people, and growing companies ever stronger. The Jack Welch Management Institute is designed to help you do the same - starting today.

  • What does it cost and how long will it take?

    What does it cost and how long will it take?

    Tuition for courses in the Jack Welch Management Institute's online Executive Master of Business Administration program is charged at a rate of $2,505 per course. There are 12 required courses in the program, with each course consisting of 4.5 credit hours. The Executive MBA program can typically be completed within 24 months.

    Tuition for the executive certificate programs "Becoming a Leader" and "Creating a Winning Strategy" is $2,400. The certificate programs are six weeks long and offered 100% online.

  • How is it an investment in my career?

    How is it an investment in my career?

    In today's post-recession world, outstanding performance is the best (if not the only) tool for career security and advancement.

    The Jack Welch Executive MBA and certificate programs are specifically designed to make an immediate difference in how you perform on the job. Our curriculum is about solving real-world issues with real-world practices. The concepts we teach expand mindsets and broaden perspectives. They turn managers into leaders.

    It is, of course, never easy adding another "task" to your busy life. And yet, getting an MBA isn't really a task anymore. In today's world, it's an opportunity to invest in yourself - and your future.